I feel like a slug

A slug has no shell

A slug is a pest to plants

A slug has tough skin

A slug is a slow, lazy person

Which one am I?

I woke up this morning, looked around the bedroom and saw mess: an open journal, a pen, several pairs of discarded socks (husband’s), slippers (mine), throw pillows, an iPad in its charger, a shawl draped over the chair, a layer of dust covering the dressers, a murky mirror. This is not ME. I am neat to a fault. I hate clutter. What have I been doing that I have allowed this stuff to accumulate? I’m the kind of person who HAS to make the bed every morning, who MUST clear the dishes immediately after dinner.

Lately, I have entered a period of inertia, if that’s the correct term to use. I don’t feel like doing anything. The mess bothers me, but not enough. The mess outside in the big, bad world bothers me more. Today I am determined to snap out of it. After I finish this slice, I am making a to-do list. As the great Conan O’Brien says, “Work hard, Be Kind and amazing things will happen.” It will amaze me when I no longer feel like a slug.


9 thoughts on “I feel like a slug

  1. We are living in a suspended state; we’ve slowed down far more than what we’re used to. And maybe we needed to, although the reason is, in itself, paralyzing. That quote about working hard and being kind … the “sage” Conan is right: we feel productive when we work (even if we have little to no control over other stuff) and kindness implies a sort of work on behalf of others; a shift in focus. I’ve no doubt you’ll regain your characteristic energy (if for no other reason than I CAN’T TAKE THESE SOCKS ANYMORE!). Oh, and for the record: On Valentine’s Day I saw an interview with an animal behavior scientist, who was asked “What’s the most romantic animal?” Answer: “The slug, by far!” GO. FIGURE. I have wanted to slice about it but haven’t quite figured out how …

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    1. Fran, thank you for your thoughtful response. Who knew that slugs were the most romantic! Can’t wrap my mind around that.


  2. Oh, this post resonated with me! Not that I’m a neatnik, not by far…but I had plans for spring break, plans to clean and declutter, garden and paint and meet up with friends. Only the latter was truly disrupted by COVID-19, but the rest seems collateral damaged, too. No energy to do much besides write and comment, nap and read a bit, overshop online. I finally sat down and made a to-do list last night; moving forward today at a snail’s pace!

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  3. I like how your slice was filled with lists – what a slug is, all the objects creating the mess – and then ends with you making a list to end your slug-like feeling. Just before I clicked on your post, I thought to myself how itis already after 12 noon. I need to get with it and make my to do list….and then I didn’t do that but clicked on your post!! You are not alone. The unknown outside is subconscoiusly making us not act as our busy selves right now. So glad it is not stopping us from writing. I needed to read your slice today and I hope my comment helps you to know you are not alone!

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  4. Diane, you are never a slug. You just need to reboot! I like to make lists where I can cross things off when I have accomplished the items on the list. I do this regularly. I am glad you are writing here on Slice. That has helped to keep me going, We all need a little encouragement in these days. Remember, we are checking in by phone once a week. Today I checked in with Pat Smith and with Patti Sollenberger. Checking in with friends helps a lot! Much love!!

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  5. Oh my, I wish I would have seen your post much earlier today!!! I was feeling sluggish for the e-n-t-i-r-e day. I couldn’t get inspired to write or do much of anything. I finally wrote about being sluggish, and what I finally did about it. Now it’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who had turned into a slug. 😉 ~JudyK

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