A Time to Be Grateful

Yesterday I cleaned the refrigerator. I love the sense of accomplishment that particular chore brings me. There’s something about taking each item out, wiping down the shelves, discarding that take-out container from two weeks ago that brings me close to my mother. Every time I do it I think of her and how, even with her large family and abundant chores, she managed to do a fridge clean every single week before her weekly food shopping trek. She said she did it to remind herself of what she needed to buy, but there was no dismissing the satisfaction she enjoyed when she was done.

Cleaning the refrigerator also made me think of how lucky I was to have a refrigerator to clean, as well as food to prepare. As I threw out expired items: a moldy grape jelly, a desiccated lime, one olive in a jar sans juice, my gratitude grew.

Now is a time to be grateful.

Yes, we are confined to our homes.

But we have homes to be confined in.

Yes, we are separated from our friends and extended family.

But we can  share our love anyway.

Yes, we are frightened.

But we have hope and good will to sustain us

And now is the time to be grateful

For all of it.



11 thoughts on “A Time to Be Grateful

  1. I have been thinking a lot about gratitude, as well. Your slice, so beautifully written, reminds us that yes, times are difficult in so many ways right now; but it is an opportunity to reflect on the many things we take for granted in life and give thanks for those things. I hear of folks being laid off in the food industry and other jobs, and I think about how lucky I am to be a teacher and get to at least try to continue on. Thanks for the perfect reminder today.

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  2. I love this. A simple act brought you to such important ideas. I’ve spent more time thinking about the small things I’m grateful for and maybe some things I’ve taken for granted. I cleaned my freezer yesterday. Today might be a good day to clean the fridge.

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  3. I loved the description of cleaning out the fridge and immediately informed Ralph that we would be cleaning the fridge this afternoon. I am making a list of simple tasks and more complex tasks – my house could stand a good cleaning from top to bottom. I loved the way you connected the act to remembering your mom. I thought about it – no connections for me. Just a chore that needs to be done, but it will give me a sense of satisfaction when it is completed! Very optimistic, Diane! I enjoyed reading your post with words like “sans” and “desiccated” and “trek.” Although I knew desiccated means “dried out,” I would never have known how to spell it!

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  4. I love that cleaning out the fridge got you thinking! I hope that we all emerge from this crisis a little kinder, a little more reflective, and with cleaner refrigerators and closets (because there is something about cleaning that makes you feel in control).

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