How to Survive Social Distancing

Things I have found to do


Call, write notes, Face Time, Zoom…

Keep a schedule:

Make your bed, get dressed, brew coffee, blog…

Get some exercise:

Take a walk, do the stair circuit, stretch, dance!

Play a game:

Get out those board games, playing cards, play 20 Questions!

Catch up on your reading:

That pile of books on the floor by your bed (me) or on your Kindle (him)…

Watch TCM:

Almost always something to watch there that’s good for the entire family!

Cook something:

Get out the cook books and the recipe box, check the pantry,

Chop, dice, try out spices languishing in the cabinet, taste, savor!

   Things I avoid doing   

Obsess about the virus,

Worry and stew,

Watch the daily “press conference” rally,

Eat too many carbs: chips, pretzels, cake, cookies,

Buying more supplies than I need,

Rescheduling cocktail hour, “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere!”

Remain calm; retain a sense of humor; be well, everyone.

Thanks Two Writing Teachers for giving me an outlet for my thoughts.







8 thoughts on “How to Survive Social Distancing

  1. Great lists for us to think about. We have one or two house projects each day, and I still have lots of writing to do. Walking the dogs really helps. They keep us amused. I am ready to face two more months of social distancing. After that, however, I am afraid we will have to worry more about a collapsed economy than the virus itself!

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  2. Your list closely mirrors mine…especially with the caveat to avoid too many carbs and get enough exercise, as I’ve certainly been stress eating this past week. I’ve also done a pretty good job of avoiding the news, only turning it on each evening for updates.

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