The Joys of Noticing

I notice that those “slight rises” when I’m driving are “REAL HILLS” when I’m walking.

I notice the abundance of color in the flower beds along my walk, from blue heather to coral geraniums to yellow pansies, a riot of eye candy.

I notice that the rose trellis at the front door of one of the houses I pass is in full bloom this morning, its crisp red flowers bringing me joy today.

I notice that many people keep their garage doors open all day. I wonder why.

I notice the many “Congratulations, graduate!” in the front yards during my walk. I didn’t realize we had so many teens in our neighborhood.

I notice the chalk messages from the children: hearts, happy faces, stick figures holding hands, and my favorite–a red heart with the words “Sta posativ.”

I notice that the scent of the honeysuckle is fading on the back road where there are no sidewalks, reminding me that the month of May is making its exit.

I notice the variety of litter on the back road where there are no sidewalks, but I also notice that there is way less of it.

I notice that all of the dog walkers keep their dogs on a leash and are carrying pick up bags even along the back road where there are no sidewalks.

I notice that the drivers along that back road where there are no sidewalks drive slower than the speed limit.

I notice when I hit the mile mark of my walk, that I have shortened my time from 30 minutes to 26 minutes. I know. I know. But as someone who has just celebrated her 76th birthday, that makes me happy.

I notice that on a day when I thought I couldn’t write a slice, because I had nothing to say, taking a walk and noticing things along the way showed I was wrong.

14 thoughts on “The Joys of Noticing

  1. What a glorious walk, full of color, inspiration, beauty, positivity, grace .. there is so much to see and appreciate all around us, all the time – reminders that life is a gift. Such an uplifting post. That image of the chalk heart on the sidewalk with the message “sta posativ” – that catches at my heart most of all. Sages they are, children.

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  2. I adore this slice. I love how you reflected and were able to compare your past fleeting thoughts to your concrete reality. I cannot stop noticing the flowers too so I loved “a riot of eye candy.” Thank you so much for sharing!

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  3. Oh, I so enjoyed walking along with you (not long after I walked along with Margaret Simon!). I’m taking great comfort in noticings and pushing myself to find the interesting/the beautiful/the surprising in the ordinary. Your walk is a wonderful example of this.

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  4. I like how the repeated line kept you writing. This is a perfect example of writing during this time of the coroniavirus. It is a time of staying home but talking walks and those walks show so much! I’ve had trouble focusing to read and write. But I do push myself to take a walk every day. I may just return home and write about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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