Adventures in Zoom

If you’ve read some of my slices, you know that I am decidedly “non” tech. It’s all I can do to get these posted, let alone add photos. Still, when the pandemic and its requirements to shelter in place made it impossible to meet face-to-face, my family met via Zoom. I downloaded the app to my phone, and since there are only three groups in the meeting, and with my older son providing guidance, we managed okay.

When I needed to meet with larger groups, I tried using my laptop, but Zoom would not load. My son says that my laptop is “a paperweight” and I need a new one. Interestingly, that’s the same message my friend, Lynne, gave me about a year ago!

So, I downloaded the app to my brand spanking new iPad, and I thought I was good to go. Unfortunately, not having my 6-year-old grandson to show me in person what to do (the way I learn best), I needed to read instructions: First, “blah, blah, blah.” Then, “blah, blah.” Okay. I read, practiced, goofed up, and tried again. I thought I was ready.

BUT, I was not. On the first zoom I joined, I neglected to activate both the camera AND the audio. I couldn’t understand why I was neither seen nor heard. Next time, I left the meeting prematurely because I couldn’t hear anyone else. My people were getting annoyed with me. Some wrote me off (I’m looking at you, neighborhood book club: “See you again when we can meet in person.”) Others, just gave up I guess.

Fast forward to last month, when I was elected recording secretary of our county branch of AAUW. Our board meeting held via Zoom, seemed to be all set up. Having an iPad instead of a laptop, though, I could see only 9 participants at a time. I needed to keep asking who made the motion; who seconded; please repeat that name. Honestly, I think I may be the first recording secretary in AAUW history to be impeached. Another board meeting is today!

Last Friday I tried to join a writing group on Zoom and wasn’t able to sign in. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one who had difficulty, so that’s a plus. We’re having a tutorial this Friday (if I can sign in that is).

On another note, on my walk today, I was treated to the sight of a peony bush loaded with pale pink flowers with lemon yellow centers that reminded me of my next door neighbor, Mrs. Gilhooly and gave me an idea for another slice.

And, I shaved almost 1/2 minute off my walk at the mile marker.

Life is good.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Zoom

  1. Well, although Zoom is the going thing at present, we weren’t allowed to use it in my district during remote learning and staff meetings. We had to stick to Google hangouts, which were regularly “freezy.” Some of us amused ourselves by taking screenshots and texting our Picasso-esque distorted faces to one another … all this to say, shrug it off! Oh well! The peony bush and Mrs. Gilhooly are far more the stuff of life.

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  2. My absolute favorite line: “…having my 6-year-old grandson to show me in person what to do (the way I learn best)“!
    I love the honesty and humor in your piece, but please do get your grandson or someone to help you- this will continue to be important in our future!
    And learn how And when to mute!!! My most important take-away on my personal zoom journey, ha ha. I might tell you MY embarrassing stories in another slice 🙂

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  3. Well, I love the fact that you ended on a positive note. Peonies are simply lovely, and a faster walk time – good for you! Technology is a killer! I am often frustrated and summon Ralph to rescue me. Today I had trouble getting wordpress to recognize photos in my picture file – where I always place pics to upload. Apparently, I had to save these photos as jpegs as they were originally saved as something else. Patience for troubleshooting is a must when dealing with technology. Glad you have a new ipad. I will need a new computer by next spring for sure! Hope to see you on Zoom for the writing group “brunch” this Friday!

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