A Golden Shovel Poem

Inspired by fellow slicers, I’m attempting a Golden Shovel Poem today. This Sunday’s NY Times “Homes” section suggested writing a Golden Shovel Poem using headlines from the newspaper. I used the headline of an article about Beverly Cleary: “By Observing Minutiae of Life, Cleary Created the Universal Human Experience.”

A Beach Walk with Maddie

“You’re my favorite human.” Rambling side by

Side on the beach, my dear Maddie observing

My attempts to be sprightly, sets aside minutiae,

Centers on the now; the present; this time of

Uncertainty. She smiles, this light of my life,

This granddaughter, who is part Ramona of Beverly Cleary,

And part Hermoine Granger, the smart, perfectionist, created

By J. K. Rowling. We share happy memories, the

Trips to museums, operas, parks, and Universal

Studios, one sweltering summer. “You’re my favorite human.”

She repeats. Ah! savor this experience.

11 thoughts on “A Golden Shovel Poem

  1. I love this format for a poem and will need to try it out. So lovely – the walk with your granddaughter, the mention of Ramona and Hermione, and the repetition of “You’re my favorite human.” It is really all she needed to say. But you already knew that…

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  2. Magnificent Golden Shovel spun from a headline; this is something I haven’t tried. I had to love the inclusion of Hermione. The repetition of those lines “You’re my favorite human” at the beginning and the end frame these savored moments with your granddaughter so perfectly. It’s a compelling form, isn’t it!

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