Any time is a good time to celebrate

In our family, the end of March through the beginning of April is Birthday time. March 30, 31, April 4, 5, 6, and 10 are all birthday celebrations. Each one is special. Each one is an opportunity to salute a loved one. We celebrated my daughter’s birthday early this weekend, but the actual day will not pass unmarked. None of the days will just slip by unnoticed. That’s what we do as a family. We celebrate!

Birthdays are not the only times to acknowledge joy. As the month of March draws to an end, many of my fellow-slicers will be celebrating having posted every day during this long month. I, myself, cannot be congratulated for doing so as I didn’t begin slicing until mid-March, and skipped two days after that. Still, I can commemorate the fact that I made an effort to write and have been uplifted by reading and commenting on the posts of others.

Over the years, I have looked forward to participating in this community of writers. I feel as though I know so many of you now, my cyber friends. I’ve learned from you; I’ve tried new formats because of you. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for providing this venue. Thank you all for rising to the March challenge.

Good times,

Rough times,

All times

In our lives

To celebrate


Dancing on a pin

Enchanted by life.

14 thoughts on “Any time is a good time to celebrate

  1. So many birthdays! I love your acrostic. Maybe I will try one in my new gratitude journal. Loved the “to celebrate unrestrained dancing on a pin” – how did you ever come up with that? Just incredible! See you every Tuesday on Slice!

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  2. Beautifully said! There is always cause for celebration! You have a quite a string of birthdays in your family – what fun! Your golden shovel poem is a perfect read on this last day of March! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Diane – I celebrate that you are here, that you wrote and commented and gave yourself in a hundred ways to so many of us. I savored every word and idea you shared here and on my blog. I celebrate that you had the desire and energy to write, and to share your truths (hard truths are not easy; I am a very private person myself so that’s a real challenge for me). This acrostic -! I think acrostics are seriously underused. I love playing around with them. They are pretty forgiving.This one you’ve written around gratitude is lovely and stirring. A hymn, of sorts, to writing… “unrestrained” celebration of “dancing on a pin” … I recall the metaphor of angels dancing on the head of a pin and here it takes on the context of time well spent in being “enchanted by life.” There’s a delicacy and at the same time, a solidity to gratitude. It transforms everything. Thank you for this gift this day – and all the other days – and for the gift of yourself. Ongoing strength to you and in your writing to come!

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  4. Diane- I am so grateful you joined. I missed your voice those early days. I still remember the day I “found” you slicing. Thank you for giving so much of yourself – your wisdom, your warmth, your humor. You are truly someone who touch my life through this challenge over the years. Once I’m vaccinated I am heading your way – Longwood Gardens, an opera, or a walk near house. Sending you strength, lovely moments with your family, and laughing until you cry at least once a day!

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