I’ll take it

Reward for five months of chemo

Enduring blood draws, drips, and pills;

Making headway, slow progress,

Injections, irritation, introspection;

Sessions with oncology team.

St. Jude, patron of lost causes

In my corner.

On my own, but

Never lonely.

With the support of my medical team, family, and friends, I am currently in remission. No guarantees, not a cure, but I’ll take it!

10 thoughts on “I’ll take it

  1. You show your strength and optimism here. After a long battle, you have emerged triumphant. Your family and friends will continue to cheer you on, Diane. You are amazing! The powerful line – On my own but never lonely – very powerful and will stay with me for a long time.

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  2. So happy for you! My two closest friends moved to Memphis seven years ago so he could head the oncology research for St. Jude. She also works in the outreach department. It is an amazing place. I have learned a lot about St. Jude through my time with them and when I run the half marathon every year to raise money. I hope you see your family soon for a proper celebration!

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  3. Diane…I am rejoicing. Eyes teared up over your words and their many associations (St. Jude in my corner, on my own but never alone) as well as for this gift of remission. I hoped so, when I heard that you were feeling so much better recently. Heart full of thanksgiving for you, your news, your beautiful writing.

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