What do you know?

There used to be a radio program which aired on NPR on Saturday mornings. Perhaps it still is broadcast other places, but our local station no longer carries it. “What do you know?” was a breezy Q & A that incorporated news briefings with opinion, quiz, and comedy. Michael Feldman hosted the show from Wisconsin, and audience members were often called on to participate in some fashion.

I got to thinking about that show lately. One thing I miss while here in quarantine with my beloved husband of 53 years is the give and take of conversation and bon mots with my “people,” the friends, neighbors, former colleagues, shopkeepers, delivery people, our mail carrier–I have chatted with them all.

Even though I “Zoom” (not very well, but I’m getting better at it), it’s not the same as face-to-face talking. Seeing expressions and playing off one another is a necessary component of true communication. I don’t foresee Zoom becoming a substitute for that kind of togetherness.

Still, there are things that I know:

I know that this crisis will end eventually.

I know that my neighbors are kind and caring.

I know that my children are safe and wise and good citizens.

I know that the creative way the kids on my block play “together” demonstrates hope for the future.

I know that we old timers need to be careful about venturing out even when quarantine ends.

I know that I still find joy in the day-to-day–brilliant sunsets, gentle breezes, budding azeleas, the scent of May.

I know that love does conquer all.

Peace, joy, and love to you, my friends.


7 thoughts on “What do you know?

  1. So true – amid the mourning of protracted separation, the joy is still there, deep and pure. Love absolutely conquers all … and I love the reflection on all that you know. They’re all true and real. Beautiful expression of faith.

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  2. Thank you so much for this, Diane! Such lovely thoughts, and I get exactly what you mean. Being on Zoom helps, but there is no substitute for being live to catch reactions, coax a smile, and send a thought with a meaningful gesture. Still, there is much joy to be found.

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  3. This is lovely even though the sadness that we all feel is clear and present. I too am hoping our faith, love and some great scientists can pull us through.

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  4. This line: “I don’t foresee Zoom becoming a substitute for that kind of togetherness.” I could not agree more! I wrote about a similar topic today- who knew that togetherness was something we were taking for granted? Wonderful repetition at the end of your peace – I mean, piece. Such clear tones of hope ring through, something I needed to read today. Thank you! 🙂

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